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      Salary Snapshot (# )

Salary Snapshot
Salary Snapshot

For those interested in making a career change, salaries are often a consideration. In the past, AMT would compile salary surveys and print the results of that survey here. There were two small problems with that. One, we were relying on readers being realistic regarding their actual salary. Those submissions saying they made $250,000 per year as a mechanic in Oklahoma were just not realistic, and made getting a true snapshot of salaries difficult. Second, it was not a scientific survey (and we mentioned that fact when we printed the results each year). Nevertheless, we had reports each year of mechanics going into their bosses’ office demanding more money because, “AMT says I should be making $26.00 per hour!”

So last year, we decided to partner with AvJobs.com to get a snapshot of aircraft maintenance salaries. We are doing the same thing this year, and here are the current salary statistics. These salaries are based on current job openings at AvJobs.com, so they are realistic based on the current job market. Keep in mind these salaries do not reflect differences in pay based on geographical area or type of aircraft worked on. Also, job titles under “A&P Mechanic Positions” are based on the job title input by the employer, so various titles appear. We selected some of the titles to give you a snapshot of a variety of A&P jobs.

Salaried Jobs
Title Minimum Average Maximum
A&P Mechanic $25,000 $46,000 $72,000
Avionics $40,000 $95,000 $160,000
Computer $87,000 $87,000 $87,000
Helicopter $65,000 $100,250 $180,000
Management $30,000 $69,493 $150,000
Sales-Marketing $27,500 $73,354 $200,000

Hourly Jobs (Pay per hour)
Title Minimum Average Maximum
A&P Mechanic $5.15 $19.62 $35.00
Avionics $12.00 $21.33 $32.00
Helicopter $15.00 $19.67 $25.00

A&P Mechanic Positions
Title Minimum Maximum
A&P Mechanic $13.00 hr $22.00 hr
A&P with IA $15.00 hr $35.00 hr
Director of Maintenance $40,000 yr $65,000 yr
Helicopter Mechanic $17.00 hr $27.00 hr
Lead Mechanic $14.50 hr $18.64 hr
NDT Inspector $18.00 hr $22.00 hr
Quality Control Inspector $21.94 hr $21.94 hr
Welder $10.00 hr $18.00 hr



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